Vega Push Tool

Push tool image 2  For Safety & Accuracy – Fits Vega Pro 50 and pro 50 Saw Fence Systems.

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Product Description

Easily rolls on the top of your saw fence surface to solve two common table saw operations:

  • Safely Ripping Narrow Strips:
    The grey push plate rotates around the hex bolt allowing stock to be pushed under it and then drops behind the workpiece.  Your right hand then completes the ripping operation as the VPT pushes and holds the workpiece down the saw top.
  • Accurately and Quickly Cutting Blocks to Length:
    The integral 1-inch stop block flips to the side of your fence and is lightly held in place with the threaded rod. Setting your fence 1-inch greater than the block length you want, touch the stock to the block and make cuts.


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