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Series 1500 T Wood Lathe

The 1500 Series of Woodturning Lathes are designed to provide what the knowledgeable and serious Wood Turner expects; great durability, large capacity, great features, and a wide choice of components.  The VEGA 1500 series Lathes are all manufactured, assembled and tested in the USA (Decatur, Illinois).  Factory support for Technical and application help are a phone call away.  With operator safety in mind, all lathes are shipped from our factory with safety shields.

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Product Description


The lathe bed is fabricated from 4″  x 3″ x 3/16″ wall structural tube which yields a very rigid and wide lathe bed for excellent tool rest support.  Holes are provided at the tailstock end of the machine for filling with concrete or sand if desired.  (Concrete has 11 times the vibration absorbing capability of cast iron).


The 1500’s headstock spindle is precision CNC machined from 1 1/4″  round stock.  It is supported i in the cast iron headstock by an oversize 30 MM double row ball bearing on the inboard and a single row 30  MM single row bearing on the outboard side.  This combination of bearings provide  very high end thrust and  axial load capacities with essentially zero end play.  The spindle has a #2  morse taper and is through drilled for spur center extraction and gun drilling if desired.


The tool rest base is a heavy steel weldment which is then surface ground on both sides.  The tool rest itself is fabricated from 3/16″ x 3 1/2″ steel (for a slim cross section) and welded to a 1 1/4″ shank for excellent rigidity.


Made from cast iron, the tailstock of this lathe utilizes a large diameter handwheel for the ram advance, a hefty 1 1/4″  spindle with a #2 morse taper, and a 5/8″ acme screw.  Positive locking of the tailstock to the bed of the lathe is done through a top mounted handle.


This is standard on all versions of the 1500 series lathe.  The reasons for this are two fold.  First, reversing the rotation direction for sanding reduces the amount of sanding required and makes it safer.  Second, if  using a duplicating attachment, you can position the tool rest on the back side of the lathe, and still hand turn with the lathe running in reverse.  Faceplates are  secured  by a brass tipped set screw for reversing.


The 1500 Series Lathe is an inverter  drive (see  below for technical information on this  system).  Speed change with the Inverter consists of simply rotating a knob on the control box.  High or low range can still be selected, depending on the diameter of the  workpiece. There is a 2HP system for any of the 1500 series lathes which features a premium Toshiba motor and Toshiba inverter.  The 2HP  system is a state of the art industrial drive, with digital readout  for motor RPM’s and is programmable.


The welded steel mesh of this unique safety guard provides far greater impact protection than plastic.  Equally important, it provides a clear view of the work.  Plastic shields actually attract sanding dust, consequently  are typically not used.  The steel mesh ins out of the focal range of the operator  so it t imparts very little visual obstruction.  The safety shield is mounted on a steel track that runs the  length of the lathe bed.  It is mounted on rollers, making it easy to position where you want it.  A unique locking system automatically locks the guard when the mesh is lowered.  It is also available as a kit to mount on other lathes.


The massive outboard turning support bolts directly to the end of the lathe.  This provides very secure tool rest support that is necessary for safe and controllable outboard turning.  This is not obtainable with traditional pedestal supports.  If large diameter outboard turning is going to be done on the lathe we strongly suggest the 2HP Inverter Drive Option.  It  provides the low  RPM’s needed for safe turning of large pieces.         

Swing over bed 15″ 6″ Faceplate
Spindle Speed (Inverter Drives) 0-3400 RPM 12″ Tool Rest
Headstock Spindle 1 1/4″ – 8TPI Tool Rest Base
Morse Taper #2 Spur Center
Tailstock ram travel 2 1/2″ Cup Center (1553)
1596  Machine Weight 450 Live Center (1596/15120)
1596  Shipping Weight 600 Mesh Lathe Guard
1553  Machine Weight 375 12 Month Warranty
1553  Shipping Weight 500
Optional Accessories
92100 4″ Faceplate 1″ -8 60560 Drill Through Headstock Center 60113 Bowl Tool Rest (S Curve)
92101 6″ Faceplate 1″ -8 60137 36″ Gun Drill 60591 Heavy Duty Steady Rest
92102 8″ Faceplate 1″ -8 60051 4″ Tool Rest 60116 Tool Rest Base Assembly
60516 Spur Center #2 MT 60053 12″ Tool Rest 62131 48″ Pro Duplicator
60518 Live Center 60090 18″ Tool Rest 62132 96″ Pro Duplicator
60665 Index Attachment 60005 24″ Double Post Tool Rest 62755 120″ Pro Duplicator
60006 Outboard Turning Assembly



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